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Tour de Froome

After three weeks of amazing scenery (seriously, how great is Corsica?), brave attacks, numerous wheelies, inflatable guitars, a sea of passionate fans, green goatees, badly-parked buses, exhausted hugs, plenty of “wish you’d trip and get run over by a herd of elephants” intrusive spectators, tens of giant flags of countries not represented in the peloton, loyal and caring teammates, nice and sometimes quirky roadside Tour tributes, ridiculously polka-dotted garments, superb light/laser shows on the Champs-Elysees, unfounded “let’s fill the front page with something catchy” accusations, sequined jerseys, a couple of Richie Froome mix-ups, brilliant sunset shots around l’Arc de Triomphe, some unfortunate haircuts, a disappointing lack of fireworks, several bad English accents on Eurosport, a couple of cliche “lions in the bus/around the table/wearing helmets” photos, a lot of pretty flower bouquets that I always wonder who waters, one ‘Oh, no, not Eddie” moment and several “Oh, this guy is brilliant” ones, Paris came sooner than I hoped but with the perfect conclusion I had in mind all along.

Vive Le Tour!:)


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