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If you can’t ride it, draw it!

A couple of busy weeks went by so I finally took some days off and now that most transfers, resignations and doping scandals have calmed down a bit, I’m starting to feel the cycling off-season blues. Sure, I still have some F1 races with an exciting championship fight and the occasional snooker tournament left to keep my withdrawal symptoms to a minimum. But I can’t just put my peloton fondness on hold until January, so I started to do what I do best when I try to relax and that’s drawing, of course.

After I spent half of Vuelta making a little something to remind me of that magnificent race and of one of my favourite riders, the lovely Chris Froome (which I’ll also post soon enough), I just figured I could do a couple more to decorate my room and remind me of other people I’m rather fond of. The first obvious stop was another Team Sky pretty face, this time one with the loveliest Norwegian name I ever heard, a playful smile and a figure that could easily win him a bib shorts pageant. He seems too cute to be true…umm, too good to be true I mean… and did I mention his skills on a bike? :-) Oh well, enough rambling and here’s the drawing…

(via The Wednesday Society)


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