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This is a love story

Except it isn’t. But it very well could be. Red Bull’s love affair with Formula 1 took the (motorsport) world by storm. A storm of fuel, talent, innovation and, let’s face it, clever marketing. 165 races, 57 poles, 47 victories and 41 fastest laps, all crammed in 9 years and 4 constructors’ titles. 2014 is their chance to win half the championships they ever contested in their decade-long presence in the sport.

As the V8 fairy tale comes to a heart-breaking end for petrol heads, new regulations are expected to reset the odds and bring back unpredictability; in cars and championship fights alike. The rivals smell blood and hope to take back a piece of the glory. But will they? History says no. Technical challenges are the fuel of Newey’s masterpieces and I’m sure things are firing on all six cylinders back in Milton Keynes. Seb’s record and Daniel’s youth should help them adapt quickly to whatever ingenious (and apparently unattractive) contraption their shrewd technical team comes up with. Add four wheels and a piece of tarmac to get the recipe for success: Infiniti Red Bull Racing.

The king is dead, long live the king!

infiniti rbr small version


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