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F1 Bingo – Aussie Edition

This one’s pretty much what it sounds like: a game of bingo. There’s no way we’re going to miss the first practice session and seeing if Red Bull caught up, or the first qualifying session to see if the Mercs really are the fastest and, of course, the race – the first indicated of what this terribly exciting season will bring along.

But, with all the excitement and expected eventfulness, there will still be rather bland moments during coverage, particularly during practice I’m assuming. So, I bring you my solution to keeping awake in the middle of the night: a game of bingo.

The rules are simple: choose a bingo card out of the four on offer, and pay attention if the words written on it are mentioned in commentary. It’s only 9 items on each card so it should be easy to handle in the sleepiest of states. You can choose one for each day or stick to the same card all weekend, do as you please. If you strike them all (or accepted synonyms) you just… call BINGO I suppose. I don’t really know the rules very well, the only people I’ve seen playing Bingo are old ladies in movies.

Anyway, excuse my photoshop skills once again but the words should be quite readable. Now just click on the following 4 cards, print and enjoy! And tweet me your Bingo-s if the session/quali/race proves to be reasonably chill 🙂



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