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If F1 drivers were TV roomies…

Teammates can’t be friends, or so we’re being told whenever Lewis throws a tantrum. One day’s good, one less so – much like the worst of soap operas. So how would some of these guys handle being roommates on our (mine, that is) favourite TV shows? It’s been a while since my last hypothetical cheap photoshop feature so it’s only 5 teams, but I’m slowly getting my groove back. Hopefully 🙂

ferrari brigite bardot

Iron Ponies

Thor was an easy one, with his reduced count of vocabulary entries and unfortunate combo of round face and long hair. Please forgive the Brigitte Bardot hairstyle, my photoshop skills aren’t quite that good. On the other side, Fernando would’ve made a good and self-sufficient Iron Man but there are no photos of the two of them together – much like Ferrari’s duo – so he’s stuck with Captain America. Thank Earth they’re not sharing a room.

force india

2 Broke Boys

Maybe not that broke, assuming Hulkie finally got his money back and Sergio has his Slim wallet supporting him. Still, they seem like a friendly pair (see Hulk’s motorhome tour for Sky) of similar ages and skills. Plus the uniform colour scheme fits and the blonde is still a bombshell. I already made Hulk a barista before so he’s gaining experience in the middle ranks.


How I met Ron Dennis

They might be main characters but they’re never the most exciting ones – the sort who stay at home on Sunday night to watch Star Wars trilogies. Does anyone else see similarities between Kevin’s starry airport attire and Ted’s wizard costume?


Nico Sparkles and Lewis Glitter in Space Teens

Staying in the same family, here we have the two glittery stars of the moment.  But with all the silliness surrounding their relationship lately, the two Merc boys belong in a kids’ show with teenage moods. Britney doesn’t change a lot with a blonde wig but I might have nightmares with Lewis’ transformation.

red bull ricciardo vettel friends

The One Where Daniel Speaks German

…and sings it softly to his unnamed Suzie. They might not be friends of “Chaney” proportions but it’s good to see the conspiracy theories finally over at Red Bull. That hug after Dan’s first top dog spot did get a big deserving “aww” from my behalf.


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