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Freaky Friday – F1 Couples Edition

You know how people say that after spending time together, couples start to resemble each other? Or was that about dogs, I can’t really remember? Anyway, it was Wednesday, it was raining and I was bored so I decided to test the theory (yes, I do realize both the premises and method are flawed, if not irrelevant, but much of what I do around here withholds that pseudo-scientific standard anyway).

A little spoiler before we get started, a few of the big-eyed aliens might look a bit, umm, intimidating but it’s shocking to see just how good (ok, decent) the guys look with long hair and no make-up.


Gotta say, Jenson’s not doing a bad impression here, he might give Conchita a good run for her/his money with a touch of mascara. But is it me or that looks like Jessica with Mark Webber’s chin?


Well I can’t say I’d take either of them out for drinks, but I’ve seen less photogenic pictures of Adrian in any case.


Not quite what I had in mind when I always said that I wished Valtteri would grow his hair, but he’s half decent in this new role. On the other hand, this might be the only photo ever where Emilia is having an off day. Either way, cute kids in any stretch of the imagination.


Aaand straight from a Dr. Who episode comes this strange and nightmare-worthy combination. I’m sorry. Have some cookies on the house.


Better now? Ok, let’s get back…


I’ve seen worse-looking men and definitely better-looking women!


Lady Nico looks more like hungover Nico, but I’m not sure if I should have expected more from Barbie or my Photoshop skills.

pastor-maldonado wife

Can’t quite believe I’m saying this but Pastor could look better with a wig to soften those Hollywood drug lord features. I say that as kindly and lovingly as I can.


This one I blame on Seb not having a decent photo with the lady, but it is a little preview on how she might look like 5 years into the marriage (I remember there was this joke about men not marrying because women will cut their hair after. Well, I didn’t say it was a funny joke.) I quite like it, and also Seb’s surfer/philosophy student allure.


Two runway models and this is what I get? Pff, I need more practice…


Nothing to be ashamed of here, look at Chloe pulling off that extreme pixie crop!

Aaaand the winner (let’s say this was a competition – the F1 Face Swap World Championship if you will) is the surprisingly hot Nicole next to a pretty glamorous Lewis. Finally something to confirm my lookalike theory!


And to leave you with a little bonus, here’s proof that Jules is still a pretty little thing whether he’s in a Ferrari racesuit or a blonde wig. So who gets your vote? BTW, sorry for the potential nightmares tonight 🙂

Camille Marchetti-jules-bianchi


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