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Motorsport Themed Christmas Cards!

Just dropping by quickly to leave you a holiday card. Nothing hand-drawn this year as things got rather busy, but luckily, average Photoshop skills came to the rescue like a naughty fangirling Superman. And as everyone (well, who reads this) needs a motorsport card in their post box, I decided to share mine with you. But beware, this might just be the most biased post of the year: it’s all Honda, Marquez and a touch of sexy F1 drivers. Well, I’m only human!

So, for the HRC lot, a little mock-up I was dying to make. Am I the only one who can see the Creation of Adam from the Sistine Chapel ceiling in their official driver photos?

honda-repsol-2014-motogp-pedrosa-marquez-official-christmas-cardAlso, a little something with my fav Red Bull shoot. I can almost forgive them for the sin of adding blue to that lovely Repsol Honda livery.

dani-pedrosa-marc-marquez-repsol-card-christmas-treeA bit of Marquez Bros, although a little too serious for my taste:

marquez-brothers-christmas-cardNow on to F1, I promised my friend a cardboard cut-out of Hulk but never quite got around to making it, so this should do for Christmas:

nico-hulkenbereg-christmas-cardAnd for a family-friendly Kimi version:

kimi-raikkonen-christmas-cardLast but not least (and also totally unrelated to anything else on this page), if you can guess this sport, you might have a use for this particular card (but no brownie points):

snooker-christmas-cardThat’s it for now, and as I might or might not blog again this year, I wish all of you a lovely little Christmas that’s fun but also goes by fast enough to make it March already and start motorsport season. But there’s always alpine skiing to get your fix for speed! Happy off-season, people ♥


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