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The Small & Irrelevant MotoGP Quiz 2014


It’s that time of year for Big Fat Quizzes in everything, so why not do one on a topic you might actually enjoy? As I’m no expert in MotoGP, there’s nothing big or fat about my quiz. Just 18(ish) questions about the most insignificant news of the year. You know, the favourite food/new pet/topless editorial sort of news.

In all honesty, it helps to be a fangirl/boy, but you can try your luck nonetheless. Oh, quick hint: the photos will, more often than not, have nothing to do with the answer itself so don’t rely too much on that.

That’s it! Start the test below and let me know how you do (comments, Twitter, whatever). If you leave a name, number or some sort of unofficial identification at the end, I might make a little ranking once the results pile up. Enjoy!

Update 1: This thing seems more difficult than I expected but we have the first 100% score! Congrats, someone in Australia! But it’s nameless so I’ll give the ranking of people who did leave their name.

Update 2: People are starting to get the hang of it, so I’ll need to bake a much bigger virtual celebratory pie. And finally some girls, I was getting worried for our reputation. Come on ladies, there an official 100% up for grabs!

Update 3: Not sure if the ladies rose up to the challenge because I can’t tell just going by initials, but we have a new leader! And that’s quite a score, the only way better it perfect. Also, thumbs up to the most innovative name yet: Balteri Vottas – I wish you were on the podium!

Update 4: Initials are taking over the podium. They’re not really names but I didn’t exclude them, so congrats! New entry at number 2, while the third spot of the podium is getting crowded.

1st: MA with 94%

2nd: Mm M (a popular initial it seems) with 72%

3rd: Greg Haines, Ky Tang, Gaja R, Vanessa S and Newtmas all with 67%

Think you can do better?


3 thoughts on “The Small & Irrelevant MotoGP Quiz 2014

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