Formula 1

What to buy with Max’s £7m

There was a bit of commotion on Twitter this morning about some rather predictable news in The Times. It claimed that some High Court documents revealed that Max Chilton’s F1 career cost him £7m in 2014. Now that’s not really shocking, but it’s the first actual number I hear mentioned when it comes to pay drivers. I assume every team has its price, but should we call them “007 drivers” from now on?

Either way, I wanted to put that sum in perspective (a fan’s perspective, one who doesn’t know what 7 million look like). I’m not here to judge, we all do what we want with our money. I’d personally buy a mountain in Switzerland and a carbon fiber snow-friendly hover car. But back to the point, here’s what 7 million get you right now:


2.005.730 Black socks with a red F1 race car print (good thing it’s an even number)

1.767.676 Sebastian Vettel beaded bracelet patterns (yes, you read that right, there is such a thing for the hipster F1 fan that Bernie hates)

560.000 Copies of Formula One Circuits From Above (quite a small number for something you can Google yourself, but also a subtle hint to all your relatives without web skills)

538.876 F1 2014 Season Review DVDs (if you’ve seen the actual season and you’re not a Sky F1 fan, you might get bored after the second viewing)

515.084 Di Spires’ I Just Made the Tea: Tales from 30 Years Inside Formula 1 (the illustrated cover will look cool in your library)

423.985 Cars of Senna Posters (ok, this one’s kinda cool)

353.178 Track Map neckties (for the kid who wants to be bullied at prom)

346.534 Ferrari theme LEGO cuflinks (although if you wait, you might get a sale on Ferrari’s Worst Hits – The Car Set)

140.140 Mercedes AMG F1 W05, No.44, 2014 Model Cars from Minichamps (*golden chain & dog not included)

116.666 Formula 1 Periodic Table Art Prints (for the fan who wants to pretend he paid attention in school)

27.888 Pirelli 2015 Calendars (which is about 8.000 more than they actually make, and you’d have to eat tires on toast to actually receive one).

That’s quite a shopping basket. Feel free to add your own (more or less) theoretical purchases!


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