MotoGP Moustaches 2014 Edition

The new year is here, which means Qatar keeps getting nearer. And the moto-crazy kids are another year older. Whether they’re barely overage, like our precious champ, or just look underage, like his tiny teammate, they’re all one moustache away from the burly riders of the good old days.


Or at least that was the hypothesis when I started this thing, but I think you’ll agree that it’s far from confirmed, once you scroll through. But these are still the best (photoshopped) moustaches of MotoGP (since, well, no one was bored enough to do this before).

And if moustaches aren’t your thing, at least you’ll get to see Scott Redding topless once more. Hopefully the new year brings some sense to this blog. But until then, enjoy!

jorge-lorenzo-2014-moustache marc-marquez-2014-moustache


aleix-espargaro-2014-moustacheandrea-iannone-2014-moustachebradley-smith-2014-moustache cal-crutchlow-2014-moustache

And finally, the champs:

I hope you enjoyed my new year’s present. And if you think it’s a rubbish gift, at least I didn’t get you a voucher. Here’s to a lively and competitive 2015!

P.S: Who do you think should actually grow one? They all look like Mario or Luigi to me!


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