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Board games that should exist: MotoGP Monopoly

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I was cleaning my room quite thoroughly before Christmas and dusted off some of my old board games. And I started thinking if a child these days would be interested in these rudimentary pieces of cardboard and plastic. Then I started thinking if I would be interested. And then it hit me: what games could be fun for a sports fan who has little to no athletic skills and the only licence she (or he) owns was signed off by a university? I decided that classic board games could use an upgrade to something a tad cooler. So for the first attempt, I started with a real classic (I planned a couple more, that’s if I don’t get bored meanwhile).

Monopoly wasn’t really in my collection, as it wasn’t very popular when I was little, but paying for utilities and hanging around train stations doesn’t sound very fun – particularly as I do that every other week in real life. It’s not really SIMS*, is it? (* for my younger readers, Sims is a little like Second Life, but without the addiction and news headlines)

As I’m not very familiar with the rules, I’ll make some up as I go along, but the general guidelines are the same. You have the board game, community chest and chance cards below. You’ll notice the numbers are a bit higher than normal Monopoly but, then again, you can’t have Aragon for $500. And to keep it as realistic as possible, the bonuses and fines on the cards are quite low, which makes them rather pointless – but true to life, only one player at a time can be Rossi and afford more. But unrealistically, there’s more income than expenses anyway.


You can use those plasticky bike key rings and branded badges you have around the house as tokens and you can pretend to be a successful rider who collects trophies, a pay rider who keeps a landlord business on the side or a megalomaniac team owner who buys circuits for fun. Oh, and instead of houses we have trophies (for Moto3, 2 and GP). It may seem wrong to buy your trophies, but this is Monopoly – if a banker can simply draw some more money, feel free to make your own trophy.

As for rent and stuff, I’ll let you figure it out as I’m not that good with money anyway. Starting with $10M and some spare change seems good enough. You may also note that when you’re sent to Race Direction you automatically get a Ride Though penalty – tough love!

Enough yapping from me, go pimp out your own game or print this one (click to zoom). Have fun and feel free to point out the flaws (can’t promise I’ll do anything about them, but it’ll make you feel better). Enjoy!

Breaking News! (depending on when you read this), MotoGP have actually made this come true and you can find their version of MotoGP Monopoly here. Have fun!

PS: Don’t forget to take the MotoGP Quiz, the 100% is still in play!

motogp-monopoly-community-chest-cards moto-gpmonopoly-chance-cards


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