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Motorsport Board Games II: F1 Twister

No, no, it’s not some metaphorical rant on how our beloved sport is rather twisted, how teams flip drivers like pancakes, how Red Bull understands the concept of front wings, how Seb and Fernando turned our devotions upside down or how Bernie takes F1 from Germany and sends it to Baku. Ok, this metaphor really does go places. But neither of those places are our destination today. Instead, here’s the latest instalment of my “Motorsport Board Games That Should Exist”.


After MotoGP Monopoly, our next stop is F1 Twister. This one’s quite straightforward; no fancy rules to make up and thankfully no maths to get right. Just get yourself a themed mat (which will require some dedication to obtain) and get some friends who are willing to spend an afternoon clambering over a printed car and not avoid your calls afterwards (that might be the real challenge here). Nonetheless, it’s a good excuse to play Twister once you’re over the age of 14. So, would you play? Cause, let’s face it, it’s much better merchandise than what Bernie gives us.



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