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A Glamorous Open Letter to Bernie



Earlier today, on my daily lunch break Twitter raid, I happened to come across this. And it was funny, somewhat, until I realized that I’m not browsing 9gag, or Sniff Petrol or my photoshop section (says humbly). Wait a minute… could this be an official FOM document? Well yes indeed. And it makes me all the more grateful to Infiniti for thinking I’m glamorous enough for Jerez.

But anyway, why did I find it so strange? Don’t worry, I’m not getting into another feminist rant, the LCR one was my ratio for the month. But I do see some practical problems with Bernie’s note, so, two years too late, I offer to answer it in Cyril’s name:

(click to zoom, a bit)

letter to bernie ecclestone

* yeah, I have a cool name too. But if it were Chanel would I get a paddock pass?


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