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Women’s Day Appreciation Post

If Twitter hashtags are good for anything, it is to teach us that in March we’re not only celebrating International Women’s Day, but also National Women’s History Month, Girl Scouts Day, Goddess of Fertility Day or National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day (whatever that is). While I enjoy all the flowers, I don’t think I need so many dedicated days in which to feel special. How about making it 356 days of not celebrating the fact that there happen to exist different genders? But, yeah, keep the flowers coming…

Anyway, if Google is taking a look at successful women in technology, I should at least glance at women in motorsport. So there’s the lovely Claire and equally lovely Monisha in F1 and I’m really cheering for Maria Herrera this year in Moto3. But that’s not really enough to fill in an entire post, so I’m taking this opportunity to do my share of male objectification instead (I feel like I’m holding down the fort all on my own sometimes).

If motorsport insists with making me look at glamour models and umbrella girls (my pet peeve, as you know by now) every other week, why not show them how it feels at least one day a year? Although, technically, this photo of Lewis in hotpants will be there forever and ever and ever. Probably. So enjoy!


“How good does my new race suit look?”


“I’m not dull enough to be Kanye, but I might nail the Kim Kardashian look instead.”


“These media commitments are getting more and more ridiculous.”


“If this year sucks, I might jump. Or become a glamour model, that could work!”


“Oooh, I wonder if there’s a world championship in there!”


“That’s right, I’ve still got it!”


“I dare you to say I have no sense of style!”


“Finally some friends I can look down at…”


“I’ve got this, bitcheees!”


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