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Motorsport Board Games III: MotoGP Poker


OK, not technically a board game, but a fun thing to do on a post-race Sunday. As opposed to most of the silly things I do around here, this post actually has a story behind it. A boring one, but a story nonetheless. I’ve been spending a few days at a trauma conference in exotic Timisoara – a lovely place, but as motorsport-free as you can expect from a city where there are more trees and bicycles than people.

My search for souvenirs was heading to a dead end until I spotted a life-size (by my estimations) Minion. Funny thing, that cost more than a ticket at Jerez. So I was left wandering around aimlessly until, amongst all the Dracula fridge magnets and football-shaped shot glasses, there was one shiny pack of MotoGP cards. It was meant to be!


The whole revelation proved rather underwhelming once I opened it so see a normal pack of poker cards with the MotoGP logo on the back. Obviously, my imagination expected something else. And I might have been more pleasantly surprised if I actually knew how to play poker, now I’m just stuck with something I’ll never use. That’s when I decided I can do better.


I’ll let you decide if I actually managed it. There’s no real lesson here, other than motorsport merchandise rather sucks. Especially the ladies section, but that’s a whole other story. I should mention that the official store does have a version with current riders and legends of the sport, but you can’t actually play poker with those. You can compare lap records and titles, and see a physically inaccurate Vale climb over Marc and Jorge on the pack. If that’s what floats your boat.

Anyway, you can check out the full resolution below, by clicking on the image. There are a lot of teams missing, so I might as well call it FactoryGP. could be for ‘Alien’ but I had to give Marc & Vale a class of their own. And yes, Scott is a queen. Now I’ll go practice my poker face, I might need it to hide the disappointment that Dani isn’t back yet and his childmate is running out of things to break. Happy Jerez to you all!


Bonus: here’s Marc apparently peeing on a bunch of poker chips.


All images from, except Marc and Vale, which are from some Red Bull and Monster features.


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