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If Marvel did MotoGP…

motogp-avengers-marvel - title

I’ll admit it, I’m a big Marvel fan. For some reason, many of the things I hate in real life – arrogance, catsuits and radical nationalism – make (a tolerant amount of) sense in a comic book. At least once you drag it through the animated paintbrush of a CGI Picasso. I am notoriously bad at watching movies (case in point, I’m yet to see Titanic all the way through) but Age of Ultron is next on my To Do list.

Nonetheless, there’s one thing I like better when it comes to challenging the laws of physics: yes, predictably, it’s MotoGP. That’s the real show that’s been keeping me entertained for a few years now. Tension, drama, a disproportionate number of heroes per villain and cool gadgets that sometimes fail spectacularly – it’s got the blockbuster recipe for success. And yes, this is just a fancy way of justifying the number of hours I spent making myself this wallpaper.

Now let’s cut the chit-chat and let me introduce you to my superheroes, starting with Iron Marc, showing his impressive strength and the confidence to pull off a red & orange outfit. Then there’s Captain Smooth, with the moral high ground and fancy (often motivational) speech, and Vale, who, like Thor, only needs one name. And several poor hairstyle decisions.

Dani deserves a bigger part, but the agile Hawkeye was a far better option than Hulk, who got cast as Cal. Sorry, it’s the beard. Although the real challenge was turning Scarlett Johansson into Dovi. I bet the other Andrea wouldn’t mind exchanging him for Scarlett anyway.

Is this the best cast in recent history? Let’s see how this season goes, but I’m already sensing Oscar buzz. So who’s your hero?




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