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Alonso, Lorenzo, Lao Tzu

I’m not one for motivational quotes. I suspect it’s because they remind me of high school, when updating your Facebook status to some clever quote told by someone else was a way to express your individuality. And show some jackass ex-boyfriend just how happy and over the breakup you are, without having to actually say it.

I’ll admit, I’m an unmotivated skeptic. That’s probably why I find Fernando’s or Jorge’s tweets so funny. And after reading something about lambs today, I thought it would be quite fun to see if people actually pay attention to what they say. Just to make it that tiny bit trickier, I added an actual philosopher to the mix. Obviously, the boys’ quotes are mostly “borrowed” from other people, which means that intuition, familiarity with the subjects and good memory will be rewarded.

So, can you tell who said/tweeted what? And don’t think it’s as easy as looking for the word samurai! Take the quiz below and I might make a classification to see who’s the most motivated fan. Oh, and the questions are in a random order, it’s not one of each on a page. Good luck!

Update 1: The first dozen answers are in, and we’re off to a flying start with an 83% from Bucky! Well done also to Tams, with 54%, and tied for third place, Blister and TW, who got it half right.


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