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Board Games That Should Exist IV: Bike Operation


Having the lovely lavender-filled Tour de France back on my TV, I just had to break the streak of motorsport games with a little less carbon fibre. But don’t worry, my cycling version of the popular Operation game has nothing to do with the unfortunate incidents of the first few stages – it’s less for the sadist and more for the mechanic in you.

Grab a pair of tweezers (3D printer optional but very much useful) and change the bar tape, inflate the tires, replace the pedals or the derailleur, adjust the front brakes (or what I assume to be their location – these TT bikes confuse me), raise the seat and remove the bottle.  And to make it a real time trial, you have 30 seconds for each piece. Or however many you want, I’m not gonna be there to check, am I?

Although, going by these first 5 stages, we won’t get too much uneventful time to fill with games anytime soon. And I love it, so keep it up (and safe), boys. Now bring on the lavender already!



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