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Vale vs Jorge: Who Wins?

Halfway into the season and the situation on track is exactly and precisely equal. While the two Yamaha contenders are tied on points, they are strikingly dissimilar in pretty much everything else off track. Since the racing doesn’t seem to be able to separate the two, why not rank them according to other things that (don’t really) matter? Trying to lend a helping hand to the dispute, I’ve devised my own little fact sheet, that you too can use to pick a winner. My criteria may seem rather random and somewhat dodgy, but, then again, that’s pretty much the description of this blog. I’ve kept my own score below but feel free to choose your own victor for each category – and let me know who that is or just how wrong I was to pick one or the other.

Once you’ve done that, forget all about it (cause it doesn’t really matter) and turn your attention to Silverstone, for a hopefully kick-ass second half of the season: less Brno anti-climax, more Texas/Assen drama – just what the Doctor ordered! (get it?)

valentino rossi jorge lorenzo 2015 title fight who should win

You can see the non-scored version by clicking here. Also, if you want to choose from more than these two, I’ve devised a MotoGP Quiz to help you pick a rider to support, one that you’ll really identify with. Up until now, these two are fighting for top honors in that result sheet too (but Vale is marginally leading that one).


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