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The Sarcastic MotoGP Magazine #2

* Superprestigio 2015 Special *

Back from the dusty race in Barcelona which was far more entertaining than I expected. The security guys chasing us around were probably less excited though. But more about backstage gossip, Emilio’s bald spot, rating mechanics on looks and the new game I invented – Fangirl Paintball – in a future blog.  Until then, I present you with the second installment of the Sarcastic MotoGP Magazine (Cover)!

Enjoy your read and may your dreams be filled, like mine, with teenage girls barking “Marc…Marc…Marc…” at precise 5-second intervals. Edmund, fetch me the valium, will you?

Sarcastic motogp magazine - Daily Moto #2

Coming soon (probably): The Holiday Edition, as soon as the photos start popping up.


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