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The Small & Irrelevant MotoGP Quiz 2015


It’s the Big Fat Quiz time of the year again! If 26 quick questions count as big and fat. But first, congratulations are in order to last year’s winners *drum roll*: Mm M in 3rd place with 72%, MA in 2nd with 94% and Angelina Zebi takes the trophy with a clean 100%.

Now let’s get a move on to 2015 and try to remember the important things that happened throughout the season. For example who got a new dog, who learned to paddle surf or whose topless pics made it all over the internet. As usual, most of the pics are there just for the hell of it, so don’t rely too much on them when choosing the answer.

That’s as useful as my tips will get so go start the quiz already! Don’t forget to leave a name at the end if you want to be included in the ranking. Enjoy!

Here we go, the first provisional ranking:

  • Clean Sweep: Billy the Kid, Katja Lavrinc, Anna-Sophie Mueller and Marc Marquez (the Australian variety) with 100% (some at the 2nd attempt but better late than never 😉)
  • Top of the Pops: Fran_corchamps and Ele with 92% (1st try, impressive!)
  • On the Podium: Melanie Rmblt with 81% (Jorge would be proud 😊)

This quiz is proving a little more difficult than I expected but there were plenty of surprisingly good results. If you’re not a Marquez, therefore care about just being in the points, please ask me and I’ll tell you where you scored. Now go challenge your friends or just enjoy the off-season!


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