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The Sarcastic MotoGP Magazine Cover #3


The festive days are done, dusted and hangovered and that can only mean we’re getting closer to the start of the new season. But before that happens, I’m taking a look at the off-season with a Holiday Special of the Sarcastic MotoGP Magazine (Cover). This issue deals with some of the popular themes of the past weeks (years in one particular case) and features a little insight into the celebrations of our favourite riders. Feel free to answer the quiz, although I don’t know the correct answer, maybe we can figure it out together. And if you happen to be a Valentino fan who disapproves of my use of sarcasm… too bad. Enjoy your season countdown!

P.S.: Speaking of quizzes, go take the Small & Irrelevant MotoGP 2015 Quiz! You probably won’t rank very high but you’ll learn lots of pointless trivia about last year.


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