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Badger Bits

Try not to think about that title too much. But if you’re not dropping by for my Moto ramblings, you might have noticed that this blog has been rather devoid of F1 content during the past year. The reason being that my sarcastic (and some might say humorous) words were dropped off at the sett of But in case you missed any (and actually mind), here’s a quick overview and a link to the original article:

Four Games To Make Testing Fun

We always get overexcited when the season starts only to realize that testing means hours of nothing happening with little coverage that’s often not particularly entertaining. These 4 suggestions, including F1 Twister and LH DressUp, will keep you busy and you can still try them in preparation of this year’s tests. Maybe less so the Bingo game but if you change “Jenson’s Wedding” to “Jenson’s Divorce”, it could still work.


The State Of F1 In Oscar Movies

Just like it says on the tin, I took a theatrical view at the current (well, former) state of play in F1 with the help of a few Oscar nominees. It also gave me an excuse to cast Romain Grosjean as Meryl Streep, Ron Dennis as Julianne Moore, Paddy Lowe as Benedict Cumberbatch and a Sauber as Reese Witherspoon. Plot and posters included.


Seven Things TV Pundits Should Stop Doing

I’m pretty sure that constantly complaining about Sky put me on Santa’s naughty list this year but sometimes it’s just too much to ignore. The WAG-watch, the way-too-basic explanations or particularly the Lewis Fest ruined a little of our viewing experience and not even the silver fox that is Damon managed to balance that out. So here are a few tips that they’ll probably ignore next season too.


F1 In 2025 – How Will We Be Watching?

For a more interactive view on broadcasting, I had a little glimpse into the future of F1 to imagine what we’ll be watching ten years from now. Hopefully not another Mercedes parade but, either way, wouldn’t it be much more entertaining if it was a hologram on your coffee table? Or if you could join in the fun live in some sort of virtual reality system?


13 Sad Realities Of Being An F1 Driver

I know you know it’s not easy being an F1 driver. Not to get there, not to stay around and not to be competitive. But the glamorous side of life isn’t all that rosy either. Sweaty TV appearances, fake smiles, criticism and public debates about the size of your hips – it’s like being a model but with no make-up allowed.


A Hungarian Grand Prix Travel Guide

Exactly what is says, a helpful (debatable) travel guide in case you are considering a visit to one of the favourite races on the F1 circuit. Mainly because of the nightlife but the playing around on the track is fun too. It includes tips on traditional costume, packing essentials and a useful drinking game in case the racing gets boring.


The Halfway Through F1 Awards 2015

Not quite as pointless to read as you’d think, now that the season is over, because few of the nominations had anything to do with the first half of the year. There’s the Midfield Lifetime Achievement Award, the Halfway Through Portier Award, the Half-Hearted Compliments Award or the Midlife Crisis Award. Feel free to guess the winners before reading along.


Mock the F1 week – Part 1 & 2

Poking a little fun at both Autosport and, I adapted a few of their headlines to better match my sentiments regarding the story. Sarcastic or just mean, you decide, after reading these 2 news digest columns.


If Red Bull Goes Away…

While the whole drama around Red Bull Racing was unfolding, I tried to imagine a universe without them and see if that would be better or worse. And I couldn’t decide so here’s a PROs and CONs list with my conclusions. I’m pretty sure it’s not what Dietrich based his decision on.


It’s The 2015 F1 Oscars!

And last but not least, let’s end the season with an awards ceremony – it’s only appropriate! From lead actors to bridesmaid dresses, from third wheels to unintended hangovers, from Mad Max to Benny Hill – everyone gets a mention and a trophy. In these Oscars, taking part and screwing up are highly awarded too!


That being said, let’s wrap up 2015 and look ahead to testing in less than two little months. Maybe I’ll help you through that transition period with some Photoshops. Maybe I won’t. Either way, F1 2016 is almost here! Probably as marginally competitive as last year 😉


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