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MotoGP Teammate Wars III: EG 0,0 MarcVDS

(I had to shorten the title as it wouldn’t fit properly on the homepage. But I’m sure you’ll recognize the beer by now.)

I’ll be honest here, I always liked Tito and that’s probably why I find it less easy to make fun of him. Not impossible, but challenging. Due to my former Moto3 allegiances, I encountered no such problem when dealing with Jack. That does not mean I didn’t try my best to be reasonably impartial or at least equally mean. I’m good at that. Especially the mean part. Now I don’t know what next season will bring, but as far as my personal score here, it’s a close 10-8 to Tito. Maybe they can settle it on track and decide the final victor between themselves. Or Jack grows a beard and evens things out.

Now to the bigger issue: does anybody know anything about Jack’s pets? Cause I’m finding conflicting information here and it’s not a particularly researched topic. Not that it would affect my highly scientific approach anyway, but I do like to be as accurate as possible in my bias.


So, how do the scores add up for you? For answers, comments, tips and complaints, go find me on Twitter.

Reasonably happy off-season!


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