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The Sarcastic MotoGP Magazine #5


It’s been a surprisingly eventful off-season, mainly because of the unspeakable drama (unspeakable because I’m so tired of speaking about it), so I decided the new edition needs something more cheerful. After 2 numbers with Vale on the cover, I went back to a little positivism – but not too much, cause that would be highly uncharacteristic of me.
Red Bull did lend a helping hand with their snowy marketing adventures and it was more than a little welcome, seeing as they have the most enthusiastic small f**king bastards in Motorsport Land. But other than that, a few other bits and bobs made it to the cover, like KTM probably running out of ink with all these contracts lying around, the Finns being uncharacteristically excited about something they’re yet to build or Pramac launching a beautiful livery that looks somewhat familiar.
Now let’s get reading. Then go out and celebrate the fact that Daniel’s laugh and Marc’s jaja were in the same room and the world didn’t implode.
P.S.: Don’t forget to check back before Sepang if a round of Testing Bingo sounds tempting!

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