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MotoGP Bingo – Sepang Test

If you’re reading this at the time of posting (quite late on Sunday evening), why are you not asleep? How are you ever going to wake up in time for the test? Unless you’re on some beach in Hawaii, in which case, well done!
Either way, let me cut this short, we’re wasting precious testing time. So the test is on, plenty of live hours to fill and a reasonably eventful off-season. If you’ve followed the news, you’ll probably get bored by the same old stories (sorry, Nick!) and that’s where I think I can help. With, obviously, a game of bingo!


-> There are 6 bingo cards. Pick a favourite (flip a coin, cast the dice, whatever) for each test day. Or just try them all, if your distributive attention can handle it.
-> Pay attention to commentary and see if you can spot all the references. Try to match the exact phrasing, but with words like ‘Sepang Clash’, you can also consider the general topic getting a mention. You can also play a Social Media version, in case you cannot actually watch the test, but follow it online instead.
-> A full 9 gets bingo. Obviously. You can shout it at me on Twitter or just brag about it to your still snoring friends.
-> As an optional feature, you can also make it into a drinking game. There are 3 boxes next to each word. Get three mentions and you can have a shot/drink. Since I’ll be watching at 4am on a Monday morning and I’m not an alcoholic (yet), it will probably be just orange juice for me, but if you’re in a more entertaining time zone, go nuts.
That’s it! Now take your pick, set your alarm and welcome the new season with a freaking giant grin.

motogp-bingo-card-1-sepang motogp-bingo-card-2-sepang motogp-bingo-card-3-sepang motogp-bingo-card-4-sepang motogp-bingo-card-5-sepang motogp-bingo-card-6-sepang

P.S: The lovely background pics are stolen from Box Repsol’s generous Flickr account.


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