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The Sarcastic MotoGP Magazine #6

daily-moto-sarcastic-motogp-magazine-2016-number 6

The Sepang Test is done and almost dusted. Not before I get a say on it, but I’ll make it quick. Michelin have obviously improved but they still have questions to answer (which, hopefully, they will), the new (ironically retro) software is more of a punishment for some than others, while Dorna’s coverage only had one problem: it should have been called “Dylan’s Almanac: As Told by Grandpa to the Nephews”. 

Then there was Lorenzo doing his best Speedy Gonzales impression, Vale denying he likes it dirty – the work, Marc still fighting with his Princess, Casey having his every word twisted by the media and Dani generally being adorable whatever he says. Outside of alien territory, the second-tier Ducatis seem to be taking over the ship while Carmelo tries to steer his own away from future blame (rather than prevent another Sepang).

On the bright side, we’re one test closer to Qatar and the next stop is a Valentine’s Day Launch with Honda in Sentul. Sounds promising for the next edition!


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