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The Sarcastic MotoGP Magazine #7

daily moto sarcastic motogp magazine cover number 8

The Phillip Island test means another step forward for Honda and three days closer to the new season for the rest of us. Fast facts: the Ducatis were flying (only the oldies but goldies) and plenty of non-Rossis have been literally flying, with riders still holding a grudge against that eventful turn 4. Danilo got in a spot of bother and many started writing the piece about Casey replacing him before he even hit the ground.

Yamaha slowed down slightly, although not RossiTalking of Rossi, Maverick has been doing his best to get a audience with the Lins and the Suppos of the world, to impressive results. We don’t know how Rossi feels about that but I’m sure someone will write a 900-word analysis of his facials gestures while he refuses to answer the question. Other stars of the test were Barbera and Baz, but they’re not Rossi so they don’t make the front page. Rossi does, together with other 45 imaginary facts about/from/related to him.

Too much Rossi? Impossible, I’m just learning how to be a proper journalist here.

Pic from the fantastic Box Repsol Flickr account*


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