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The Sarcastic MotoGP Magazine #8

Daily Moto: The Sarcastic MotoGP Magazine

This week’s non-daily DailyMoto is out and covering the Qatar test plus a few extra quips from our two-wheel-loving friends. After the pre-season, some might love them more than others. Honda are a step out of the gutter but still not quite on the road, Yamaha are steadily going along to everyone’s slight worry and Ducati are keeping fly with the new delivery from IKEA – giant shelves for their front fairing.
Away from the floodlights, Maverick must be on a constant hiccup crisis as people want a piece of him, while British journalists might need a chill pill after Redding’s performance – impressive, but not the only one. In other news, Casey might enter Paolo and Gigi for some maths classes, Lin Jarvis and Jorge must have lost their phones and need the media to keep contract negotiations going, plus a Taylor Swift masterclass from Vale.

“We are never ever ever getting back together…”

Meanwhile, Michelin get 3 strikes (but all in monochrome) and they’re still not out going by FIM’s new regulations. But don’t be too harsh on them, defending your own ass is a valid strategy to bullying, it’s just that I expected to be out of elementary school by now. Oh well, just a handful of days left until the real drama comes back with the soundtrack of that beautiful engine tune. Enjoy your noise-free week, it’s a long way to go until November!

*cover pic from Repsol’s generous Flickr account


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