The Sarcastic MotoGP Magazine #10

Daily Moto: The sarcastic MotoGP Magazine number 10

Packed schedule, utter dominance and more room for Marc’s Captain America head means that this double edition for Argentina and Austin is a little light. But enough to cover the essentials, starting with Marc’s unbeaten winning streak in America. He went, he saw, he conquered. Every time for the past half a decade. And since he bothered with a 60-hour detour to Argentina, he also made the most of that getaway. Then karma went on to submit the rest of the paddock to the tortures of Argentinian roadtrips.
Things looked generally less cheerful in the rest of the camps. Vale talked balls in Argentina, Jorge’s to be specific, but his own were soon put to the test by the tarmac of Texas. Jorge talked nothing to the great disappointment of the assembled media that faces yet another week of finding rumours to post.
Ducati’s wings spelled trouble but not as much as both the Andreas would end up in. Regardless of blame and context, 2 podiums and 4 crashes between them is not much to brag about – it’s Marquez 2015 territory but without the wins.
These weeks’ quality entertainment was supplied by Cal, Aleix and Bradley’s synchronized crashes and subsequent jogs. A 7 at best on the Marquez-COTA scale but Cal’s jump shows improvement.
Last but definitely not as least as his stature suggests, the world collectively fell in love all over again with Dani. There’s a scientific explanation on why we get attached to diminutive beings with oversized facial features, but this time it’s just down to being an exemplary human being. The world doesn’t need sporting idols, just idols.

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