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QUIZ: Guess the MotoGP Abs

Welcome to the waiting list to hell… probably. But when grown men cry the loss of umbrella girls and even our dads probably know who the Monster girls are, why not do a little objectifying of our own? With the disclaimer that these are highly skilled athletes not just objects of physical beauty. But of course you already know that, we don’t watch motorcycle racing for that hint of neck skin.

Anyway, let’s get started. Some images might be easier to recognize than other, with some tattoos, some headlines, a bit of context here and there. Being a stalker helps but the pictures are from all throughout the grid so a general appreciation of the… sport, helps more. Enjoy and let me know how you did for the final classification. Comments and questions, as usual, on Twitter.

UPDATE: Here’s some provisional awards!

1st place with 100%: Rebecca M, Melanie Rmblt, Bad Gal, Cindy Idier, Abs O’Lutely, Mdjz Lpqzqs and Moto Len (although he admitted to cheating 🙂 )

2nd place with 92%: 24anon08, Monika K, Aga Aga and Ftm.

3rd place with 83%: Titiii93, Manon Mgx, Sarah Shh, Michela Bianchi, Bela Apr, Sucia Utari, Lemiseraple, Anna, Arabella Rea, Angelina Zebi, Ayunda Sari and Ana Lisa Melculo.


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