Travel editor by day, sports blogger by night, psychotherapist by default. When things get serious, I get photoshopping. I occasionally try to be funny for BadgerGP, frequently sarcastic on Pitstops and mostly serious for Motomatters.

*In case of emergency you can find me here.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Zara,

    1. Your blog/writing/humor is awesome!
    2. I need you to ask FiftyBucks if he would like to go to Goodwood this year on June 26th (spare ticket), since I am relying on his F1 uploads for a time now, and would like to “pay back” somehow.

    And as I am hostile to social networks…maybe you can help?

    cheers from Braunschweig/Germany

    • Hi Antje,

      I was notified of your message by Zara and I thank you and appreciate your generous gesture but I will have to kindly decline your offer. What I do is for free – without any agenda or promotion and is available to any F1 fan out there. You do not need to “pay back”, just carry on watching 🙂

      I hope you enjoy your time at Goodwood in June, it’s a great event for any car/motorsport enthusiast and maybe I will see you there 🙂

      Regards, Ky

  2. Hi Ky,
    okok, perhaps I should have said `expression of sheer gratitude` instead of pay back;-}
    Hope to see you on the FOS weekend, I´m the one with the No.2 shirt.

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